Ventura Hygiene care Pvt. Ltd was started in 2003  by Mr Sachin Gole who is a serial entrepreneur having founded well established companies like Sachinam Constructions, Aquatech Enterprises and Om Clean and Clear in the past.

He is solely responsible for transforming VENTURA from a 25 member team to a 500 plus strong organization. He has played an important role in Ventura’s journey towards success. His vision for success has not only identified “Facility Management” as a major need of the society but has also been successful in creating a significant channel of employment for many underprivileged youth of our society.

Today, VENTURA gives education and formal training to many unemployed and undergraduate youths in all the the skills required for Facility Management and employs them thereafter.

Because of his vision VENTURA has now become one of the leading facility management service company in Thane, India.

VENTURA is  providing with all types of services with latest tools, faster processes and quality output. It has  been serving clients for the past 15 years and is constantly getting new services on board based on the requirements of our clients.